May 2016

San and footwear for foot health17.05.2016

Walking and running is crucial for humans. We have uniquely evolved as barefoot walkers. Only relatively recently in our history, ca. 25,000 years ago, humans started to wear footwear.

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The Barefoot Academy in the Kalahari14.05.2016

Deep the Kalahari Desert in Namibia live the Ju'/hoan San, some of the last persistence hunters left.

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Venturing into the Kalahari12.05.2016

Masters of desert survival, the San Bushmen’s hunting tactics vary according to their quarry, the time of year and even the time of day.

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Persistently Hunting The Persistent Hunters10.05.2016

We had driven for over 1000 kilometers over the African Plains. . The previous three villages had all pointed us in the direction of this little village, saying the last guy who knew how to do the long distance running and persistence hunting would definitely be here. Original humans hunted by running down and tracking prey over the hottest hours of the day.

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Handcut: The heel shaped heel03.05.2016

Every step we take when we walk, our foot passes through three position phases, known as “rockers”. These phases are: the heel rocker—the heel contacts the ground to begin the step—the ankle rocker—the foot rolls from the heel to the ball of the foot—and the forefoot, or toe, rocker—the ball and big toe push off of the ground, giving the step momentum.

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