March 2018


Barefoot is for everyone, every day, and the best way to start is to simply take your shoes off, stand, walk and let gravity take its course. When our shoes let our feet move naturally, all the muscles, ligaments and tendons become free to build strength and flexibility, helping to sustain a healthy foundation for movement.

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KANNA // Unleashing the supernatural you14.03.2018

An introduction to the VIVOBAREFOOT Kanna shoe. If you practice yoga, love Pilates, dance or simply want to improve your balance… Kanna is the answer to all your prayers. By giving your feet the freedom to move as nature intended, they are unleashed to their fullest potential, allowing you to build on strong, healthy feet with every step.

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Todays fittest kids would be among the least fittest kids 20 years ago12.03.2018

A recent study by the BBC and the University of Essex found that the least fit child tested in the UK in 1998 would be among the fittest of those tested today. And the reason isn’t childhood obesity – which has actually tapered off in most developed countries – it’s our sitting, screens and slouching lifestyle that’s to blame .

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Foot Care is Back Care07.03.2018

Guest blogger Ben McNutt explores how changing his shoes was the key to conquering chronic back pain."Just as a tiny pebble is able to throw a huge wagon out of the ruts and change its trajectory; so too can a relatively small heel block…"

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