We make shoes for people who don't want to wear them

If you like the feeling of walking barefoot, then we've got just the shoe for you.

Or rather, a whole range.

Whether you want to hike up a mountain, stroll along a city street or just potter around the office.

Introducing the Primus Lite | VIVOBAREFOOT
Primus Lite MensPrimus Lite Mens£110 / £77Shop Now
Introducing the Kanna Hi | By VIVOBAREFOOT
Introducing the Scott 2.0 | By VIVOBAREFOOT
Introducing the Tracker | By VIVOBAREFOOT
Tracker FG MensTracker FG Mens£190Shop Now
Tracker FG WomensTracker FG Womens£190Shop Now
Introducing the Gobi Hi 2.0 | By VIVOBAREFOOT
Introducing the Stealth II | By VIVOBAREFOOT
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