June 2017

Our top 4th July destinations29.06.2017

The 4th July weekend marks the opportunity for us to lace up our hiking boots and explore one of the USA’s countless awe-inspiring trails.

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Our Minimalist Life29.06.2017

As Minimalist Month draws to a close, we thought we'd share some wise words from Swimrun co-founder Mats Skott and his wife, Natasha, and their life in rural Sweden. "Minimalism for Natasha and me is a learned way of...

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The Body Clock Challenge21.06.2017

This week’s challenge is all about resetting your internal body clock, otherwise known as Circadian Rhythm - the inbuilt 24-hour cycle that influences the timing of daily routines such as falling asleep, waking up and when we eat.

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Meet Joel : Vivo designer and 'Essentialist'15.06.2017

As a designer, I love objects but ironically, I have very few. Even before I became a designer, I already loved objects. All throughout my childhood I have been collecting model cars, planes, figurines… I’ve always been interested by...

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The Big De Clutter12.06.2017

This week, we challenge you to declutter your life by following these 5 steps towards minimal living. It's a great chance to find a new home for your unused clobber, and to really start appreciating your prised posessions. We're convinced that by the end of the week, you'll be enjoying your new found space - be it under your bed or at the back of your mind!

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Turn the tide on plastic05.06.2017

This week, our Minimalist challenge is for us all to turn the tide on throw-away plastic. By 2025, we’re on track to be housing one ton of plastic for every three tons of fish in the World’s oceans. The...

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Minimalist Month01.06.2017

Vivobarefoot Minimalist Month celebrates getting rid of the 'stuff' that stands between you and feeling free.

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