December 2017

Top 4 Training Tips for Pregnant Women27.12.2017

Guest blogger and fitness expert Stella Ann Borland totally inspired us with her barefoot journey through pregnancy, sharing her bump-friendly workouts and glowing technique tips. Exclusively for VIVO, she's put together her 4 favourite training exercises for pregnant women.

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A Winter Solstice report from Galahad Clark21.12.2017

A Winter Solstice Report from VIVO founder Galahad Clark a.k.a Mr Big Toe! Enjoy the holidays! We look forward to seeing you on the Shoespiracy red carpet and/or at a Swimrun event and/or big wave surfing and saving the corals!

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COLOUR THEORY 21.12.2017

Let Kids Colour Their World! Find out what colours help make you happy, creative, and even more productive!

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8 reasons why barefoot is best for kids15.12.2017

7 reasons why barefoot is best for Kids!

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VIVOBAREFOOT Biophilic Concept Store13.12.2017

Our new London concept store follows Biophilic design principles, aligning with the natural world and bringing its benefits inside to create a healthy and productive space for modern humans.

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How to Grow Creative Kids12.12.2017

Let Kids run wild (and barefoot!) Our future needs creativity: thanks to technology, every new generation will see more and more of their world changing rapidly around them, and we’ll need creative people more than ever.

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We are looking for an independent film-maker to make a film with a working title ‘Shoespiracy’. If this doesn’t mean anything to you, then you’re probably not the person we’re looking for. If it does – then read on!

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What’s the human sense you can’t touch, smell or hear?It’s your balance. James Collins, a biomedical engineer at Boston University, discovered if he put tiny electrical impulses into the insole of a shoe, 80-year-olds could stand as straight as a 30-year-old. Walking on bare feet in nature can have the same effect. Let your feet feel their way across the world, and get your kids to join you. And if actually being barefoot is unrealistic, try barely-there shoes that are as close to barefoot as possible. Because bare feet are better for brains as well as bodies; for today and the future.

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