Ultra Kids : The ultimate holiday adventure shoe


What is the key to the best adventures?




Letting your imagination lead your feet – especially when you’re travelling with kids.


Travelling with children is seeing the world through their eyes, with their sense of wonder, awe, curiosity and of course, their boundless imagination.


But spontaneity when you’re travelling with kids also takes careful planning!


And we believe the key to this planning is to pack right and pack light. This is what will allow you to be spontaneous and have incredible adventures with your kids.


You’re hardly going to decide to hike down an endless sandy beach to find out what’s on the other side of those beautiful sand dunes in clunky, hot, sweaty boots, right? No matter how much your kids want to explore beyond the horizon. 


Which is where VivoKids Ultras come in. Our sustainably-created, barely-there shoes are ideal for splashing through water as well as running over land. VivoKids Ultras are a multi-terrain, super fast-drying shoe, letting your kid’s feet take the whole family on an endless adventure.



All VivoKids shoes also have a patented, ulta-thin sole which lets kids’ feet feel the ground while protecting them from weather and terrain. Because our feet have as many neuro-transmitters as our hands do, feet that feel can send more vital sensory messages to growing brains.


VivoKids are also created to be wide and bendy, helping small feet grow strong and flexible for balanced and skilful movement.


So wherever your adventure takes you: pack right, pack light and get ready to be spontaneous!


Active feet mean active brains, so go explore those sand dunes on your next family holiday.


Pack their VivoKids Ultras and join the adventure to raise independent, free-thinking and sometime pretty wild kids!


Feel, connect, balance, tread light with VivoKids Ultras.

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