Barefoot Movement Coaching Course

Inspire others with our barefoot coaching course

This is the course for personal trainers, practitioners and physios to gain the full depth of knowledge on barefoot movement. On completion you’ll become a Vivobarefoot Accredited Coach. This gives you access to various professional benefits and CPD points via CIMPSPA, ISSA, NASM & AFAA.

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This course is perfect for movement enthusiasts who want to expand their knowledge and coaches looking to learn more on barefoot movement and science.

4 Hours

The course is 4 hours learning time, with both theoretical and practical modules with multiple choice assessments. CIMPSA and ISSA members will also be able to add 4 CEU and 2 CPD points on completion.

Barefoot Coach 

Learn to assess and improve your clients foot strength, posture and barefoot movement skills. By the end of the course students will be able to assess, understand and apply new strategies to improve clients foot health and wellbeing allowing them to reconnect with their feet.


Level 1 Coach accreditation.

CDP Points Approved

ISSA, CIMPSA, NASM & AFAA approved courses.

VIP Access

Ambassador access including affiliate programs and special events.

Join Us

On completion of the course, you will have the opportunity to apply for Vivobarefoot’s ambassador and affiliate scheme, receiving a commission on any shoe sale referrals you make. Please note, not all applications will be accepted.

Course structure

Topics include evolutionary biology and physiology, natural movement skill and barefoot science. You’ll also learn how to put theory into practice, by performing client assessment, exercises and adaptation.

Module 1

Barefoot Principles

Module 2

Evolutionary Biology & Reconnecting With Feet

Module 3

Evolutionary Physiology & Assessing Posture

Module 4

Understanding Barefoot Movement & Walking

Module 5

Assessing Barefoot Movement & Learning To Squat

Module 6

Coaching Barefoot Movement & Jumping To Running

Module 7

What It All Means- Bringing Together For Sustainable Barefoot Health

Meet the coach

Meet Ben, Vivobarefoot’s Head Barefoot Movement Coach.

As a personal trainer who specialises in skilful movement, Ben brings over a decade’s experience training and working alongside health professionals to help thousands of people reconnect with their feet and embrace natural movement.

Ben has spent his career analysing efficient running technique, evaluating balance and posture, improving functional foot health and delivering highly personalised training plans. He is a leading expert in the practical application of barefoot science

Supported By:

Dr. Peter Francis

Institute of Technology Carlow

Adam Daniel MBA

Human Performance and Leadership Coach

Dr. Irene Davis

Biomechanist & Founder of Spaulding National Running Center

Dr. Florian Ziezelsberger

High performance Physiotherapist & movement practitioner

Take their word for it

“Learned new ways to improve, not only in the physical part but in the part that involves mindset and motivation.”



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