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As summer approaches, less is more, and so we're proud to introduce our collaboration with FINISTERRE. Known for their sustainable design approach, the partnership has resulted in firm ground trail shoe for adventures this summer.

Vi är säkra på att efter att ha upplevt glädjen med naturlig frihet för fötterna, vill dina fötter inte gå tillbaka till 'normala' skor.

Så säkra, att vi har introducerat en 100 dagars provperiod på alla beställningar. Om du ändrar dig under den tiden, får du gärna returnera dina skor och få full återbetalning utan problem.

Din provperiod startsar automastiskt från den dag vi får din order. Du checkar bara ut med dina skor som vanligt, så tar vi hand om resten. (standardvillkor gäller).



Primus Trail FG is a versatile off-road shoe, designed to let you get back to nature while keeping your footing with maximum sensory feedback. Primus Trail is a high performing shoe perfect for exploring any rural or urban habitat with maximum barefoot feeling.


• Breathable recycled PET Mesh – to keep feet cool

• Breathable recycled PET Mesh – to keep feet cool• Water Resistant – splash proof, not drench proof

• Quick Drain Zones – faster dry time

• Firm Ground Sole – 3mm lugs for multi-terrain traction

• Mountain Lace with Toggle – quick-secure, non-slip adherence

• Performance insole -made with 10% BLOOM - an algae-based alternative to synthetic and petrochemical EVA 


1 Review

I want all my shoes to be Vivos!

My first pair of barefoot shoes, and I’m so happy I made the switch! I’ve used them a few times now with thin socks and the insoles that came with them, for a little ‘wear in’ time to get used to the new “ground feel”. Today I tried them with bare feet and got a blister from the new material rubbing on the bone on the inside of my foot, nearest my ankle. I think I’ll wear socks for a little while longer, until the new material softens a bit. It feels so much better without socks, though! Soon I will also remove the insoles. I can’t believe how much better (and freer!) my toes feel, and how little time it took to get used to the extra movement in my feet and ankles. They are wonderful. I want all of my shoes to be Vivos now!

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