Motus Mens


Motus ��__r en minimalistisk sportsko gjord f�_r skicklig r�_relse och flexibilitet. Kardborreband ger st�_d f�_r mellanfoten, vilket ger dig kontroll �_ver dina r�_relser och en naturlig gungning i sidled. Var barfota p� banan, gymmet eller i betongdjungeln.

1. Select Colour: Black/Gold
2. Select Size:
100 day trial for barefoot beginners

We're confident that after 100 days of au natural foot freedom (you need to give them a proper outing) your feet will love being feet. So we're happy to give you a no-quibbles test run for 100 days.

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Weight : 265g

Motus Mens DNA


Patenterat, ultratunt skikt med punkteringsmotstånd. Fem gånger starkare punkteringsmotstånd än en vanlig sula med samma tjocklek.


Produceras med hjälp av djurfria produkter och processer.

Breathable Mesh
Andningsbar mesh

Syntetiska material i flera skikt ger optimal lätt andningsförmåga och komfort.

Hi-Viz Reflective

Lyser upp dina skor på vintervägen eller på nattklubben.

Tough Rubber Compound
Tuff gummiblandning

Stark gummiblandning som inte lämnar några märken för klibbigt grepp och miljöer med hög nötning när du behöver det mest.

Removeable Cork Insole

3 mm återvunnet skum och innersula med bas av naturkork. Ta ut sulan för att känna marken. Lämna kvar den för lite extra värme.


My first barefoot sports shoe

After many years of periodically struggling with foot, shin or lower-back pain from the variety of modern shoes I owned, I decided to chuck the lot and invest in barefoot-styled shoes. I purchased the Motus for gym and running. It didn’t take long to get used to and only after a few hours of use, I’ve really grown to love them. As with all Vivibarefoot shoes, they all give the same walking experience. Switching from the Motus to the RA II (work shoe) for example, feels as if you’re still wearing the same shoes. After 2 weeks of walking only ‘barefoot’, I can already feel a huge difference in myself. I no longer get intermittent pain while walking/running. Instead, the muscles and tendons in my feet and legs are strengthening. I would highly recommend switching to a ‘barefoot’ styled shoe and the Motus is an excellent all-round activity shoe.

Stylish and comfortable

Bought my first pair a couple of weeks ago and have been delighted with the snug fit without being restricting,the comfortable feel with no rubbing, the lightweight ethical material all in a stylish design ~great footwear !

My favorite shoe

I love this shoe, I originally bought it for going to the gym, doing TRX but it quickly became what I found myself wearing all the time. I've had issues with lower back pain and this shoe seems to have made things so much better. I wear a 13 and the fit is perfect, it seems to really stand up to abuse well also, I just bought my 2nd pair of Motus and the first pair still has miles left in them after a more than a year of constant use in the gym, on and off road. Great shoe.

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