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Gobi II Winterproof Mens

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Gobi Winterproof is a barefoot Vegan shoe designed for the Winter months. This minimalist desert boot is made with watertight eco canvas and a thermal insole, to keep your feet dry and protected from the cold.

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Ett urval av skosnören, innersulor och prydnader att kombinera dina Vivos med

This shoe fits true to size

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100 day trial for barefoot beginners

We're confident that after 100 days of au natural foot freedom (you need to give them a proper outing) your feet will love being feet. So we're happy to give you a no-quibbles test run for 100 days.

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A minimalist barefoot Vegan shoe designed for the Winter months.

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Gobi II Winterproof Mens DNA


Patenterad, ultratunn, punkteringsrestistent lager. 5x mer punkteringsresistens än vanliga sulor med samma tjocklek,


Väderskyddade överdelar, förseglade sömmar och värmeisolering. Inklusive termisk innersula.


Producerad genom att använda djurfria produkter och processer.

Water Resistant

Så gott som vattentät

Weather Tight Canvas
Vädertät kanvas

PU-vaxbeläggning med ett vattentätt lager för att stänga vattnet ute.

Tough Rubber Compound
Tuff gummiblandning

Stark, icke-märkande gummiblandning för fast grepp och hög slitstyrka när du behöver det som mest.

Eco Canvas

50% naturligt och 50% återvunnet material från PET flaskor

Removeable Thermal Insole
Termisk innersula

En 3,5 mm termisk innersula; kombinerar Outlast termisk regulator, reflekterande folie och isolerande skum, vilket ger dig 3x det termiska skyddet hos en vanlig innersula.


I love them but wish they would stay cleaner.

I've had my new Gobi II WPs for a couple of weeks now and I've been wearing them every day to work. I love the wide, barefoot feel and feel sure that my feet have widened and become stronger and more supple. I'm admiring the wide, unusual look too - they seem to suit my long feet. I think they've had some admiring glances too :) It's Feb/March and my feet have got a bit chilly on some days though, even with the thermal insoles in, so thicker socks have been a must on those cold (0 to 5 degrees) days. My real bugbear is how dusty and dirty they've become in just two weeks. The canvas now looks really grubby and I'll have to try and wash & dry them every couple of weeks now in order to keep them looking half decent for work. This will be a bit of a faff and not half as easy as caring for leather shoes. For a pair of urban 'winter' shoes this is a bit of a disappointment to be honest and I kind of wish I'd bought the leather version instead, adding the thermal insoles as an extra. Overall, I love my new Vivo shoes very much, but somewhat resent the cleaning aspect. Ultimately I think I'll end up having to buy another pair of leather shoes for work that I can't really afford :( This is a truthful & honest review and one which I hope is useful to you at Vivo, even if you choose not to publish it! Keep up the good work, I'll defo consider staying barefoot in the future. Best wishes, Mark x

Comfortable, Great for Work!

I've had them for just two weeks and they've been perfect for work. I'm an educator, so I'm on my feet all day, and the Gobis have been both comfortable and liberating. The thermal insole has been comfortable with the mild-cool weather that we've been having. I haven't tried them yet without the insoles. The Gobis also have a formal/semi-formal-esque look to them which gives them a professional appearance which adds to their ideal nature as a shoe for work!

Jack Be Nimble, Jack Be Quick

These shoes are so light and flexible they make you feel like a ninja, able to dart from rooftop to rooftop! Highly recommend.

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