Investor Relations

  1. Stella International (leading Taiwanese shoe manufacturer): 17%
  2. Clarks family (Galahad, Asher, Lance & Tony): 75%
  3. Other: 8%

Before 2009 Terra Plana (Vivobarefoot was a sub-brand) and United Nude were run out of one office. But, since then there are no formal business links with United Nude at all (other than Galahad being a minority shareholder and non-executive director).

Soul of Africa is an independent social enterprise fully owned by the Soul of Africa charitable trust.  Vivobarefoot has a license agreement to sell shoes under the SofA brand (made in Ethiopia). 

Profits go to the Soul of Africa charitable trust for local community projects at the place of manufacture (Addis Ababa).

  1. Stella International own a number of brands: Stella Luna, What For, Balmain and a large manufacturing business making for companies such as Nike, Prada, Timberland and Ecco.
  2. Galahad is a non-exec board member of United Nude, Worn Again, Clarks Shareholder Council, Crossway foundation.
  3. Asher is a minority shareholder in the Columbo group and Clarks shoes.

Although 80% of the shares are owned by members of the Clarks family, the Clarks business has absolutely nothing to do with Vivobarefoot.

Our biggest market is currently USA, with more sales in California than any other state. We’ve sold close to 90K pairs of Vivos in the States, and the US business is growing quicker than anywhere else. The potential for development within the US is massive, and the growth of our US business, particularly in ecommerce, is top priority in our 5 year investment plan. Vivo is a global brand, and we are growing all over the world. We already operate 10 European websites from our London office, with Outside of the US, our biggest market is the UK, with steady growth in the EU.

The barefoot market is worth £2B. Nearly half of this is from sales of Nike Free. Other big players in the market are Merrell and Camper, with significant sales from Innov8 and Bobux.

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