Get Your Squat On



Kids can squat – no probs. But for most grown-ups it’s a lot harder.


And because squatting is key to our physical well-being and our ability to stay fit, flexible and strong – it’s important to get your squat on!

Over time sitting, slouching and screens wrecks our bodies and what we’re capable of; and that’s before we add years of padded, tight and stiff shoes into the mix.

Luckily, most kids have all the physical capabilities and potential they’re born with: which is why they just win at squatting. It’s also the reason kids’ running technique is pretty perfect; but by the time we’re all grown up, more often than not, we’ve turned into groan-ups. Terrible puns and all.

We’re born with bodies that are awesome feats of biomechanical engineering, and then so many of us go and squander it. It’s time to get our squat on and change this for good.



Being barefoot builds the foundations you need to squat by developing the flexible arches and the strong bones, tendons and muscles needed to get that squat on – and stay there! 

Vivobarefoot’s barely-there, barefoot shoes protect only from climate and terrain: freeing your feet to do their thing – and squat!

Being able to squat like a kid means you will walk, run and jump better, get injured less and basically be able to fling yourself around like a kid for longer. What’s not to love? Learn from your kids and they’ll learn how important it is to keep squatting right on into adulthood.

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