Barefoot Running

Reminder: walk before you run >>  Read More Here.


Barefoot shoes and running technique

Key Points:


  • If you are overweight the journey to barefoot running is a bit harder. 
  • Diagnose your feet and give them time to strengthen if they are shoe shaped.
  • Don’t rush into full barefoot exercise until you have flexibility in your ankles and hips. 



Learning to run barefoot


Once you are happy barefoot walking, squatting and done plenty of exercises of flexibility and toe ga it’s time to move on to barefoot running.

The recommended starting point is a 10 minutes barefoot exercise. If there is minimal soreness within 36 hours, add 10% to the duration (time). Train your feet and body gradually with slow runs, skipping, bum kicks, lunges and planks..


Remember : Too much, too soon will lead to soreness and pain.



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