Meet the small super heroes whose feet talk to their brains


Did you know your child’s feet are packed with as many message-sending neurons as their hands?


This means your kids’ growing brain can get as many vital sensory messages from their feet as their hands, which is why letting kids’ feet feel as much as possible is so important.


Bare feet that can feel send more sensory messages whizzing from kids’ brains around their bodies, ideal for growing active, brainy superheroes.




All this awesome, sparking, feet-brain connectivity isn’t only important for the development of their strength, agility and balance: but also for their creativity too.


Creativity comes from the brain taking disparate, unconnected pieces of information and putting them together in new and incredible ways. So the more active connections sparking between your child’s feet and brains the better!


And for when it just isn’t realistic to go barefoot – which, for most of us, is a lot of the time – Vivobarefoot Kids are designed to be barely-there enough to keep kids’ feet feeling.




Vivo Kids' shoes are created to be thin, wide and bendy: kids’ feet feel, while keeping them protected from climate and terrain. Traditional shoes, however, are stiff, rigid and narrow, dulling the vital sensory feedback your child can get, as well as weakening their growing bones and tendons. Not a good look for a junior superhero.



So let them free to run wild in nature: it’s best for their bodies, brains – and feet!


Active feet mean active brains, so help grow wild, creative small people (which is what our planet really, really needs).


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