Kids: Don't Raise A Sea Squirt



It's never been more important to raise kids who can MOVE!

It shouldn't be a scary story: a young sea squirt swims happily around the ocean looking for food and its brain grows. Then, about halfway through its life-cycle, it attaches itself to a rock or hard surface and just ingests whatever it can from the ocean around it. Its brain begins to get smaller and eventually, it just eats its own brain as it doesn't need it anymore.



It suddently gets more than a little scary when we compare the sea squirt to how sedentary us humans are becoming. Let's raise kids who can run wild and free: so when they grow up, movement and action are just part of everyday life. Our planet needs us smart and thinking - not turning into a bunch of sea squirts.

The human equivalent of a sea squirt is a sedentary adult with restricted physical ability; and their brains also become affected. There is a wealth of neuroscientific study which shows direct links between physical activity keeping older people's brains active and their bodies healthy (and happy) for longer.



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