Handcut: The heel shaped heel

‘The Newest Evolution in Our ‘HANDCUT’ Barefoot Shoes’



Just as our feet evolved to be perfect bits of walking and running kit, our HANDCUT shoe collection has evolved the art of traditional shoe making—combining a centuries-old craft with our modern technology, and advances in our understanding of feet.

Every Vivobarefoot shoe is flat & wide, thin & flexible, with a thin sole; allowing your feet to retain natural shape with every step. To bring you even closer to natural, barefoot movement, we introduce a new feature into the HANDCUT collection: the curved heel rocker.

Most conventional shoes are thick and rigid, with a 90° heel edge. This sharp angle means problems not just for your feet. Your ankles, shins and balance also suffer.



Every step we take when we walk, our foot passes through three position phases, known as “rockers”. These phases are: the heel rocker—the heel contacts the ground to begin the step—the ankle rocker—the foot rolls from the heel to the ball of the foot—and the forefoot, or toe, rocker—the ball and big toe push off of the ground, giving the step momentum.



A smoother heel rocker means a softer heel strike, and less muscle strain in the shin. Our curved heel is contoured to your natural foot shape, for a smother heel stroke, instead of a jarring heel strike.

Here is how our curved heels shape up against conventional shoes:



The new Handcut shoes are a labour of love. By tweaking tradition with barefoot function, and using the best Tuscan leather I could lay my hands on, these shoes are a piece of luxury, for an already perfect piece of design; your feet.



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