Todays fittest kids would be among the least fittest kids 20 years ago

Scary or what?




A recent study by the BBC and the University of Essex found that the least fit child tested in the UK in 1998 would be among the fittest of those tested today.

And the reason isn’t childhood obesity – which has actually tapered off in most developed countries – it’s our sitting, screens and slouching lifestyle that’s to blame 

“About a third of children have clinically low aerobic fitness,” said Dr Gavin Sandercock, sports scientist from the University of Essex. 

And why does this matter?

“Children who are active do better at school,” adds Dr Sandercock. “Our recent research has shown the correlation between how fit children are (how fast they can run) and their cognitive processing speed (how fast they can think).

“We also know that increasing children’s physical activity levels make children happier, better behaved and can even help their exam results.”



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So let’s break the mould, remove the screens and get our kids playing outside! Even if you’re in the concrete jungle: it’s time to free their feet and just let them play.

Active feet means active brains!


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