Otillo founder, Michael Lemmel, talks Swimrun at The Neal Street store


A couple of weeks ago I was fortunate to have been invited as a Guest speaker to the London TriShow. I say fortunate because if you had asked me three years ago if I would be invited as a Guest speaker to a triathlon show I would have said "no way" with a big smile..


Thanks to this brilliant opportunity we could plan a get together in the Neal St shop together with our friends at Vivobarefoot. With the purpose to talk about our partnership and to launch our co-branded shoe package.


So, after a long Friday at the Trishow I got on the tube from Excel at around 5:15 pm to go to Leicester Square. A piece of cake in my mind but a bit of a shocking eye opener for me. I live on an island 30 minutes from Stockholm city centre and very seldom take public transport. Just to ride the tube for 45 minutes was enough for me to really respect everyone who does it everyday, I think I would suffocate as a person. My hat off to everyone who does it to make the wheels of the world turn.

So, when I finally entered the Neal St shop I was very happy to see familiar faces and to taste a cold beer. I had no idea what to expect and had nothing really planned, just to feel in the energy and go with the flow.


More and more people showed up and the energy in the room really switched me on. I love feeling the vibrations of expectations.


Asher started with a brief introduction and I then got into the story of why ÖTILLÖ and Vivobarefoot. The essence is more or less that we feel that our two companies come from the same thing; passion!


We also share similar values and it has been a very positive time since the first time we met almost 20 months ago until now when we have managed to create something very unique. The launch of the ÖTILLÖ Vivobarefoot pack with three different models of shoes will be extremely exciting. The race shoe is something we believe has everything we want in a shoe. Comfort, low wet weight, great grip and feel of the nature we run in. It fits our free mind as we see no restrictions.



I love to speak about my passion and being part of this growing movement of persons wanting to enjoy nature by embracing it, not by trying to conquer it. Swimrun is very pure and it feels as if Vivobarefoot is too.


The evening closed with some very special moments in the shop before dinner and at dinner together with Anne Harrison and friends.


Thank you all for believing in us.


Michael Lemmel

Founder of ÖTILLÖ and founder of Swimrun

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