Kids: Are you a Homunculus?

This little monster is the key to how our brain sees our body…

Although the idea of homunculus has been around for centuries, in science it is used as a diagram to express how our brains get information from the world around us: and it’s all in what we feel with our hands and feet. The cute little Homunculus is how our brain sees our body, and the result is a touchy-feel little dude who reminds us how important it is to feel. Help your own small person grow their own Homunculus!



Our brain gets as much information from our feet as from our hands – so imagine what it does to our brains when kids are getting as many messages from their feet as their hands. Small bodies and brains grow and Homunculus is a happy monster!

If we don’t provide our brains with the messages from the outside world, we miss out on vital sensory feedback. So what’s good for our bodies, is also good for our brains – no matter how funny the Homunculus looks, he’s an important dude to keep in mind when choosing what we put on our kids’ feet.

There is even a new phenomenon for city kids known as Sensory Deprivation Disorder!



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