Ross Edgley talks Barefoot Transition


The benefits of barefoot aren't limited to running marathons - the freedom of healthy, natural movement is open to every person, every day!


about ross edgley


On June 1st 2018, barefooter Ross embarked on a challenge never completed (or perhaps dreamed of!) before.


Over a 100-day period he will be swimming around the entirety of Great Britain without setting a foot on land. Through strategic tidal planning, he will swim in 6-hour shifts, taking intermittent refuge to sleep in his support boat.


Prepared for his body’s extreme reaction to extended salt water exposure and armed with a spare smaller wetsuit to change into in response to inevitable weight-loss, Ross’s adventure will see him battling Britain’s untamed coastline for around 2000km.


Ross came to VIVOBAREFOOT as part of an ongoing commitment to peak performance. He will be wearing the Primus Swimrun during the most treacherous legs of the swim. On land, his favourite design is the Primus Trail FG.


Sponsored by Red Bull, Ross’ progress can be followed here > RedBull.co.uk/GreatBritishSwim and serialised via their Youtube Channel.

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