Motus Review: A shoe for the barefoot movement


"If your sport is using a lot of lateral movement, the Motus is hands down the best choice." 

Let's start here, first things first...I am a VIVOBAREFOOT sponsored athlete for two & a half years. Besides VIVOBAREFOOT and Luna Sandals, I didn't have other brands on my feet for quite some time now. I would like to elaborate on how this particular model fits into the VivoBarefoot family. 

When the guys from VIVOBAREFOOT sent me the Motus, I didn't even know what it was made for. I took it out of the box and took it to different terrains to see how it performs. 

Right on the first touch, I noticed the rubber compound sole is more beefy & sticky feel compared to other VIVOBAREFOOT shoes which made this shoe extremely stable. After you lock your foot into the velcro strap you feel ready for action, this is a completely brand new feel for me. 

"When you put it on, you feel very grounded."

Almost all the Vivobarefoot shoes I currently wear have a fairly loose fit, which from a runners point of view I prefer, however, I can only imagine how these shoes will excel in the gym in activities such as box jumps and climbing ropes. You really feel your foot will stay in place and not twist on you. Also, I don't think this shoe is meant to be running long distances, but there is not a problem running in the gym on the treadmill before your crossfit activities. 

Compared to the Stealth, which is purely a running shoe, the Motus gives you exactly enough space for your toes but lock your foot inside the shoe in the right spot, it doesn't allow twisting. I can totally see how VIVOBAREFOOT filled the gap in the family of shoes and created a masterpiece. The Motus is beautiful design down to the tiny details such as the 3D tongue - the holes allow more breathing in the upper whuch can be a huge benefit in indoor activities. 

"The Motus is extremely stable in lateral movement which excels in basketball or tennis."

I took it outside for a short run on pavement and the shoe was very responsive, not sloppy. The Motus feels more stiff than the Stealth. In some weird way, I feel the velcro strap is not helping me to run better. I tested the shoe on trails as well, and when running sideways on slopes, the shoe is feeling snug and secure. It is not slipping sliding or twisting. It is hard to beat a Trail Freak on the trail, which is a total workhorse and a very reliable dependable trail shoe, in my opinion. 

Guys doing running free running or parkoor can have huge benefits from the security of the Motus.  Overall, I am happy with the Motus, but I believe its designed as a sport specific shoe.This is really the case for the tight tool for the right job. If you are looking for a medium to long disrance running shoe, I would go with the Stealth. If foot is 'wide', I would go with the Evo-Pure. If your sport is using a lot of lateral movement, the Motus is hands down the best choice. 

The Motus is a fantastic addition to the VIVOBAREFOOT collection. Enjoy your Motus & Live Barefoot! 



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