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The first Primus shoes, the Lite and Trail, were designed to represent the pinnacle of ‘feet first’ design principles.  The distinctive big toe flex point, a wide lower lace gusset and simplified upper design was refined to its purest form in order to give the ultimate barefoot experience both on and off the beaten track.


It has since grown into a family of shoes, so that you can pick the perfect companion for your #LIVEBAREFOOT lifestyle.


In a world where everyone else is trying to give you more, we promise to give you less, because the truth is that that is all your feet really need.






Barefoot freedom from the first step of the day to the last...





Whether you’re looking for your everyday barefoot trainer, a minimal exercise shoe or both shoes in one, Primus Lite is the perfect place to start.


Less shoe, less weight – more freedom to move. The breathable, vegan design follows the natural shape of your foot, assuring maximum sensory feedback with minimal interference with natural movement.







Offering unparalleled barefoot luxury, the Lux is made using soft Wild Hide leather. This shoe is testament to the natural feel that can only be achieved with natural materials.


We’ve included a cork insole for natural odour-neutralisation, and put just 3mm between your feet and the ground with our signature barefoot outsole.


This shoe is all about assuring an enriched sensory experience whilst upholding effortless urban style. 







Primus Trio II is a premium blend of performance and everyday lifestyle.

The laser-perforated Wild Hide leather quarters and air-mesh sock are work together to let your feet breath and do their natural thing with every step.

Designed for everyday use, this is the shoe you’ll keep coming back to day in, day out.






TRAIL  shoes


 Built for the great outdoors, so you can enjoy natural movement on every adventure...





Primus Trek is a versatile leather-mix walking shoe that lets you go barefoot from trail peaks to the city streets.


If you’re looking for a versatile shoe that’s just as happy going about your daily business as it is exploring off the beaten track, Trek is for you. The leather-mix upper gives a refined edge to the design whilst the Firm Ground sole assures high-traction durability.






For those you’re in search of a all-round barefoot shoe with extra grip and trail running credentials.


The Primus Firm Ground gives serious traction over varied terrains, whilst assuring all the benefits of a barefoot shoe.


Designed to unleash your feet with maximum sensory feedback, this shoe is just as good for exploring the great outdoors as your urban environment. The construction is lightweight, flexible and breathable so you can stay light on your feet on every walk and run,  or serious trail running action.








Pick up the pace and challenge your boundaries with barefoot shoes for off-road performance  





Primus Trail SG is an unswerving favourite with our team of off-road competitive athletes.


Designed for picking up the pace when hitting the trails, the high-profile lugs give superior grip on muddy, loose ground…also making this the go-to shoe if you’re running on snow.


It’s quick draining and breathable, with a lightweight stretchy ankle collar for unrestrained mobility whilst keeping out any little nasties kicked up on the trail.







For those with amphibious tendencies, the Primus Swimrun is designed for use over land and sea. This shoe was launched in collaboration with OTILLO SWIMRUN and is the official Swimrun shoe.


With a focus on lightweight, water-wicking construction, Primus Swimrun features breathable quick-drain zones for minimal wet-weight.  We’ve teamed this with a neoprene ankle fit for mobility both in and out of the water, and an extra-sticky Firm Ground sole with low-profile lugs - ‘cos if you’re not gripping, you’re slipping.





Photo Credit Barefoot Movement Teacher @RokasMove


We created the Primus Range to protect you from cuts and cold, and give a bit of extra grip when needed.


Less shoe, more you…

Because nature has already designed the perfect bit of kit, YOUR FEET.



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