Why VIVOBAREFOOT works for freerunners

Photo by Ray Roberts

Never would I have thought that an unintentional purchase would lead to my departure from ignorance on barefoot shoes. I’m an unconventional Film maker who’s motivated and fuelled by the way we move. Filming and movement are so intertwined in my career that having a pair of shoes that allow this has become a key for me to perform to my best.

I’ve been wearing barefoot shoes for just under five years now and I can confidently say they’ve improved the posture, flexibility and the sensitivity of my feet, at the least. I have a background in Freerunning, a sport that has aggravated weaknesses in my physique which meant that over time, with conventional shoes and ignorance to proper technique, I became injured and worn… the bane to any passion! I’ve been on a Roller Coaster of injuries and surgery rehab since and it wasn’t until the purchase of my Vivo shoes that I was able to consciously repair and adapt my physique. I learnt to move in the way we were designed to, whether it be through filming, freerunning or just city hopping.

Here are some clips from my most recent adventure, where my friend and I hiked down Italy to make a handful of videos for a holiday company. For this adventure, I wore the Trackers and they exceeded my expectations. Not only did they allow me to jump around the mountains of Abruzzo, I was also able to blend into the restaurants and clubs around Rome due to the style of the shoes. 

I’m now traveling through work as much as I can, filming at festivals around Europe, hiking for travel companies and exploring countries with free runners. For each adventure, I wear my Vivos without fail. To me, the comfort, look and technology are unparalleled and I cannot wait to see where else these shoes will take me! 

You can see his other work on youtube.com/SebDrewett

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