Life on the Highline: Why VIVO works for me

Over the last three years of my life I have found myself high up in the mountains, soaring 1000’s of feet above the ground with nothing but a one inch piece of webbing beneath my feet and a short rope connecting me to the line, I am flying. It is a place that so few humans ever experienced, a place that once I discovered it I spent the last years of my life seeking it time and time again. Now I bet you are wondering what I am talking about… this is highlining, a sport that is very near to my heart and has made me the person I am today. It is a sport that requires you to conquer your natural fear of heights and your human instinct to be on solid ground.

As I find myself in this seemingly unnatural place with only the soles of my feet touching the slackline it is extremely important to be in tune with it. Before I discovered vivobarefoot I found myself doing everything in my barefeet, which of course isn’t practical in most scenarios. But it began to strengthen the muscles in my feet and shins leading to not only a more success in highlining, but improved coordination, and comfort while standing. Your feet provide your brain with sensory feedback from the ground and if you wear the typical bulky shoes with thick insoles most of this information is lost in translation. After living my carefree summer in nothing but my barefeet and the occasional ultrathin flip flops the weather began to shift and the barefoot lifestyle was not possible anymore. So I slipped on my old street shoes and they just didn't feel right, something was off, I felt so trapped in my heavy shoes so I looked for a solution. After hours of research Vivobarefoot was my final decision, and it was the right one!

I am currently wearing the new Aqua 2 shoes for everyday life and the Hikers for all of my adventures in the mountains of the Sierras and up to the cliffs of Yosemite. These have helped me bridge the gap between being barefoot and wearing shoes. I have never worn a shoe so fit for my needs, the patented ultra thin sole is both durable and puncture proof, yet gives the sensation of being barefoot. I get stopped at school, work, and on the street everyday by people fascinated by both the impeccable style and function of the new brown aqua 2. And on the trail the Hikers are unparalleled in comfort and practicality. In the short time I have owned my Vivo’s my posture has improved, foot muscles strengthened allowing me to be on my feet for hours with no pain, and most importantly I have been able to continue my pursuit of highlining in the most comfortable and styling shoes around. Thanks Vivobarefoot!   



Train your feet up to be healthy, natural and strong.


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