8 reasons why barefoot is best for kids

 1. Bare feet send more sensory messages to growing brains


Kids’ feet have as many neuro-transmitters in their feet as in their hands. So the more kids’ feet can feel, the more messages go whizzing to developing brains!



 2. Shoes off to help grow strong feet – and bodies!


Because the bones in kids’ feet are malleable until their late teens, keeping feet bare helps them develop strength: feet have enough space for muscles to recoil and splay rather than being squashed into ‘mini-cast’ traditional shoes which weaken kids’ feet.



 3. Bare feet help grow a strong Big Toe for balance and skilful movement


A strong Big Toe with space to grow straight is key for developing balance and coordinated movement. Stiff and narrow traditional shoes often end up squashing Big Toe, tilting it towards the second toe and weakening the foot’s function.



 4.Barefoot kids get their squat on!


Squatting is an important part of staying fit and flexible into adulthood. Being barefoot builds the foundations you need to squat by developing the flexible arches and the strong bones, tendons and muscles needed to get that squat on – and stay there!



 5. Bare feet help kids grow with good posture


It’s getting harder to avoid the sitting, slouching and sedentary lifestyles that wreck the perfect posture most kids are lucky to be born with. Keeping kids’ feet bare helps prevent traditional, stiff ‘mini-cast’ shoes from wrecking the form and function of kids’ feet and, as a result, posture.



 6. Bare feet help kids’ keep their awesome running and walking gait


Watch kids running barefoot across the beach: their style is effortless, perfect. But stuff small feet into stiff, narrow shoe-shaped shoes and by the time they’re adults this is all gone! Keep kids barefoot to help them keep that awesome natural gait.



7. 90% of kids are born with perfect feet, keeping them as bare as possible helps keep it that way!


Ever noticed how babies all over the world kick off their shoes any chance they get? Well, they’re onto something! Feet are awesome feats of biomechanical engineering – let’s not mess that up with shoe-shaped ‘mini-cast’ traditional shoes.


8.Barefoot Wild Kids move like Mowgli!


Playing barefoot free in nature helps develop kids’ agility, confidence and a deep sense of belonging in the natural world: good for mind, body and growing the humans our planet really, really needs!


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