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Your feet are the result of millions of years of evolution, perfectly designed for standing, walking and running. At VIVOBAREFOOT we believe the perfect shoe is perfect for feet and should have zero impact on the planet. And, we are excited to announce the new Primus Bio, which takes us one step closer to making the greenest barefoot shoes on the planet.



The Primus Bio is a re-engineered version of the famous Primus Lite (currently available for purchase) made using a corn-based, vegan biopolymer. By reducing the parts and production process, it will be our lightest and most efficient performance shoe to date, crushing the environmental impact of modern shoe-making and putting as little as possible between your feet and the ground.




Following the release of the Ultra Bloom in 2017, which was the first shoe to repurpose algae choking the world’s waterways, the Primus Bio uses a natural bi-product of the field-corn food industry called ‘Susterra Propanediol’. Developed by DuPont Tate & Lyle Bio Products, this plant-based polymer has allowed us to create an incredibly high performing shoe that is also our lightest and most environmentally sound yet.


Susterra Propanediol is derived from the glucose in field corn and is petroleum-free, non-toxic and 100% USDA certified. The entire sole of the Primus Bio and 70% of the upper is made from it – making a shoe that we believe to be the least petroleum-reliant performance shoe in the world.

Susterra Propanediol provides increased performance inline or better than the petroleum based soles we currently produce. The material gives greater flexibility in the cold and is incredibly resilient to abrasions and general wear.




Susterra Propanediol uses 42% less energy than the standard petroleum based materials used by the global footwear industry. And 56% less greenhouse gas emissions.



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