Train. Race. Rest : Swimrun Collection Review

Being from Cape Town, where I spent a lot of time on the mountains and in the ocean, I was really excited when VIVO gave us the opportunity to experience Swimrun first hand in a place that blew my mind with some of the most amazing scenery I have seen. I am a trail runner by heart and passion, but now that I live and work in London, finding time for training is often hard. Over the years, I have worked out how to do it. I was really happy to see the Swimrun collection reflect training and lifestyle, because the right shoes can help support continually building strength, even when you’re not training. Here is my take on the pack.



The Stealth (Training).

This has always been one of my favourites shoes and was my road shoe of choice for the London Marathon. If you are living in the city or need to get some mileage on the legs, speed work, cross training, get out of the bad weather and keep fit indoors, then you won’t find a better shoe. It has a super thin sole which really helps me when I am working on my technique, as the foot is a good teacher, letting you sense how natural movement should feel. I often wear my Stealths as my leisure sneaker, where it holds its own as it is a good looking shoe. The fact we got to run on a runway was pretty epic and not something you get to do every day.



Gobi (Lifestyle).

As international sales manager I know that this is a hero product and the reasons why are really simple. When you put the Gobi on you will know what I am talking about. It looks like a dessert boot and is super comfy, so great to put on after a race as a recovery shoe or if you want to look cool on the podium. For me, this is the shoe that has benefited my feet the most over the years, as it is the lifestyle shoes we wear the most that help keep your foot flexible, mobile and strong. Which athlete wouldn’t want healthy strong feet??? This is the way to do it, without a doubt. To top it off, the black and orange colourway looks great. A lifestyle shoe lets you train your feet while at the office or out dancing, easy as that. 



Swimrun (Race).

As a trail runner, the key was how good it is to run in. Simple answer is….. this is my new favourite trail shoe, even if there is no swimming involved. Scilly Isles offered almost every type of terrain you can think of, from hard rock, rugged paths to sandy beaches and the FG sole which has a new grippy rubber with Tri Hex lugs handled all with ease. The lugs offer enough underfoot protection for when you hit something jagged but always allowing you to feel as you move - which was super important when coming in and out of the water, as it can be difficult to see where you are putting your feet. Flexible and water wicking make the shoe dolphin like in the water.


My overall take away is that all our teams finished with not a blister, lost toe nail or silly injuries that so many runners get. Are we doing something different? Are we doing something right? You better believe it!


By Dale Turrell, International Sales Manager 

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