Kids: Squat for Freedom


We’re not kidding. Kids can squat, no probs. Grown-ups can’t. Help kids keep their squat on.

Kids’ feet are awesome feats of bio-mechanical engineering, and so are their bodies. Squatting is a key part of keeping flexibility of movement, lifting weight and helping us stay injury-free.

Help your small person grow with flexible, strong tendons and ankles, a strong Big Toe and a wild, free barefoot spirit to keep that squat as natural and easy as on a five-year-old inspecting a shell on the beach (flat feet, bum on heels, relaxed upper body).

Too much sitting (and slouching) in chairs has made way, way too many of us groan-ups utterly unable to squat down to a natural comfortable position. Squatting, running, walking, moving – we need to stay active, we all know why. Keeping kids moving has never been more important than now.



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