Kids: Run Wild and Free


Watch your child grow wild – with no need for helicopters

Being barefoot is great for feet – and brains. And for when it’s not possible to be free of shoes, Vivobarefoots are designed to be a barely-there shoe to keep all that amazing barefoot action going on in your small adventurer’s body - and brain.

Just watch kids racing barefoot down to the beach, their gait and technique is perfect: no wasted energy, posture relaxed… It’s what elite athletes spend years trying to perfect. ‘Normal’ shoes mess with this perfect, fluid motion.

A childhood spent in ‘normal’ stiff shoes - ‘mini feet casts’ - is inevitably going to weaken a child’s agility and ability to stay active. And we all know where that leads. In today’s over-screened, over-controlled, over-sitting-down culture, it’s not looking good…



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