3 Reasons why VIVOKids are good for growing feet


Kids’ feet are awesome… let’s keep them that way.


Each foot is an awesome piece of bio-mechanical engineering and, luckily, 95% of kids are born with feet ready to walk, run and climb anything, anywhere!


Shoes really shouldn’t wreck this, and yet they do – every day.




Traditional kids’ shoes are like mini-casts on kids’ feet: STIFF, NARROW and RIGID, wrecking the form and function of kids’ feet as they grow. Definitely not cool.


VivoKids’ footwear removes everything about traditional shoes that gets in the way of them growing as they should. No magic, no secret: just feet doing their thing with minimal interference.


 1. VivoKids are THIN so feet stay connected to brains

VivoKids are made with a patented, ultra-thin sole so feet can feel. And feeling is important – in shoes as in life! Feet that feel can send more vital sensory messages to growing brains, and seeing as our feet have as many neuro-transmitters as our hands, it makes sense to keep these neural pathways sparking and active.


2. VivoKids are WIDE so feet grow foot-shaped, not shoe-shaped

The tiny bones and tendons in kids’ feet don’t actually harden until their late teens. Until then they are malleable: VivoKids are foot-shaped and WIDE to let kids’ feet grow strong and flexible. Especially the all-important Big Toe: vital for balanced and skilful movement.



3. VivoKids are BENDY so kids’ feet can stay active all the time

Bendy footwear means kids’ feet SPLAY and RECOIL as they would if they were running around barefoot. This builds up strength in the muscles of the feet and ankles.



We believe barefoot is best for kids. But we get that it isn’t always practical.


We believe footwear for kids should protect only from climate and terrain: all our VivoKids shoes are created to do just that.


 Sustainable, barely-there shoes to let your small people grow wild and free!



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Receive exclusive updates on promotions, news and product launches