A Christmas round up from Galahad Clark


You've Got To

You've Got To Move! Come

On! Come On!

You Got To . . .

Stand Up! Stand Up!

Stand Up!

(Yeah-Make That Change)

Stand Up And Lift

Yourself, Now!

(Man In The Mirror)

Gonna Make That Change . . .

Come On!

You Know It!

Make That Change.

We’re getting ready for the New Year at Vivobarefoot and it’s all about TRANSITION & CHANGE.   Vivobarefoot continues to make great strides in its mission to be the most influential shoe brand in the world and challenge the industry to make barefoot the gold standard in healthy functional footwear.

We are especially proud to launch our new online ‘transition’ tools in the New Year.   The 2nd Barefoot Revolution (as they are calling it in the USA) is coming and it is a more considered intelligent approach to ‘going barefoot’.  Walk before you can Run.  Keep your kids feet healthy.  Only run and do sports when you are fully flexible and have strong feet.  Our new direct-to-consumer interactive transition guide has been simmering down to this essence for 5 years.   It’s all about foot health, deep squats and enjoying the transition Everyday. 

We’ve also been making some pretty incredible shoes!    In 2016 we introduced the whole new OFF-ROAD collection with new shape and grips.  The all new Tracker and Primus [are] Trail blazing in the category,  and with our awesome team of elite athletes, now represented on podiums all around the world.  We have also been officially named as the partner to the originators of the fastest growing and most natural outdoor sport in the world:  OtillO Swimrun.    Come and join us at one of the “unique races in unique places” this year.  For the hardcore the long course will meet your match and the sprint race is accessible to all and will open your mind as to a new natural way to cruise through nature.  Check out the races here:   http://otilloswimrun.com/races/

The Primus Lite and Wing Lux have taken our on-road / in-gym shoes to the next level and we are always honoured and inspired by all the amazing moves people make in the Motus – our ultimate movement shoe.  The Gobi, Ra and Scott continue to be best sellers and the exciting re-launch of the Handcut range with the heel rocker set a new standard for Barefoot Luxury feeling.  

Kids got a complete makeover in 2016 with an all new and improved barefoot shape and feeling.  The kids Gobi and Ultra lead the way.  Kids is now run as an independent business unit run by Bayarma and leading the way as the fastest growing category.    And the original human running ‘tool’, the San-Dal (made by the Bushmen of the Kalahari) is delivering now.  

Our new website launched ‘Welcome Home’ embodying the brand essence of ‘Reconnection’ and our rational USP of Sensory Feedback.   And our new ‘retail therapy’ store concept: “Bring Nature Inside” has just gone live in Prague and Brussels bringing the total number of Vivo stores to over 20 with a host of new spaces planned in 2017.  Watch this space! 

In 2017 we are looking forward to a host of exciting new products coming to Vivobarefoot.  The launch of the all new Swimrun collection in collaboration with OtillO – look out for the sunshine soles coming to stores in May.  

And in the Spring: the Ultra III, an awesome update combining all the best bits of Ultra I and II in one new iconic product.

The Primus build in 2017 with introductions of the Primus Trio, Primus Lux and Primus kids (no doubt the most iconic shoes Vivo has ever made).  This shape accentuating the Great [big] Toe will be a signature style for Vivobarefoot running through all the categories:  Off Road – Exercise – Everyday - Kids.

We are particularly proud of the progress we are making in ladies shoes and 2017 will see the introduction of some great new shoes leading up to a big crescendo of Vivo femininity in Spring Summer 2018.  Updates in lifestyle are subtle but profound as we make more sustainable and better barefoot shoes.   Behind the scenes we continue to innovate with Vivo x Sensoria (making the smartest shoe the world has ever known: a sneak preview will be at CES in Vegas in January) and Vivo Inject (radical new automated way to make all our shoes).

Collaborations abound: the new Soul of Africa shoe will be made on our new partnership fair trade certified production line in Addis Ababa with Pittards.  The hand stitched slip on ‘Ababa’ is the most barefoot feeling shoe we’ve ever made and we are already planning some exciting new mega collaborations with this shoe.  Our elite team kit collaboration with Iffley road will hit stores in January and a new boxing boot with an infamous titan of the ring will appear in February!

On our continued quest to make the perfect shoe: perfect for your feet and zero impact on the environment… In April we will go public with Mode Tracker as the pioneering shoe brand to partner with this exciting online transparent supply chain and business tool.  

Our brilliant team continue to evolve and we can safely say the health of the company is better than ever.    Look out for the new film from our partnership with Ben McNutt of Wild Human and Lee Saxby from Born to Run.   We also continue to be inspired and support cobblers around the world linking with Catherine Willems and the Future Footwear Foundation to make the connection between indigenous shoe making and 3D printing.   

Thank you all for your wonderful support and involvement in the brand.  I am writing from China where I’m happy to report that SS17 deliveries are all on time and I can safely say we will make another great step forward in quality and style.

As this is a time of family values – we remember the values by which Vivobarefoot lives:  Honour the Foot, Innovate Sustainably, Inspire Eachother and Move (in Nature) More.

So this silly season put on our transition playlist (see below), look in the mirror and get ready to… Make That Change.   Inspire those around you to make the change.  And get ready to enjoy the great changes your un-shod body goes through.  Connect with your feet, your childhood, your ancestors, nature and yourself…  your purpose… 

  1. ‘A Change is Gonna Come’, Sam Cook.
  2. ‘Changes’, David Bowie.
  3. ‘My Generation’, Damian ‘Jr. Gong’ Marley & Nas.
  4. ‘I can change’, John Legend.
  5. ‘Barefootin’, Robert Parker.

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