We follow your feet, not the rules.



With minimum impact on the planet.

True sustainable design is about helping people connect better with themselves, each other and with nature. VIVOBAREFOOT shoes uniquely achieves this by helping you;

  • connect to the natural world
  • be more aware of your body in every step
  • and set off a more sustainable mindset that impacts all areas of your life.

The future of sustainable and ethical footwear isn’t just about materials and production processes. Sustainable design is ‘good design’ and must be:

Simple: Simple design is about making as little shoe as possible to reduce parts, processes and ultimately put as little shoe between your feet and the ground as possible. 

Functional: The product must also be absolutely fit for purpose and respectful of natural movement, so people can move freely and in a healthy way (which most shoes actually get in the way of). 

Durable: We carefully design and test every product in the wild and in the lab, and select the most durable materials we can find. This extends the product’s life, reduces the amount of products that go to landfill, and minimises environmental impact.


More Feeling, More Plants




The Primus Bio is the future generation of the famous Primus Lite, re-engineered in a corn based, vegan bio polymer. By reducing the parts and production processes, it will be our lightest and most efficient performance shoe, crushing the environmental impact of modern shoe-making and putting as little as possible between your feet and the ground.

Following the release of the Ultra Bloom in 2017, which was the first shoe to repurpose algae choking the world’s waterways, the Primus Bio uses a corn-based biopolymer made of yellow dent field corn called Susterra Propanediol. Developed by DuPont Tate & Lyle Bio Products, this plant-based polymer has allowed us to create an incredibly high performing shoe that is also our lightest and most environmentally sound yet.




Susterra Propanediol is derived from the glucose in field corn and is petroleum-free, non-toxic and 100% USDA certified.  The material gives greater flexibility in the cold and is incredibly resilient to abrasions and general wear.

Susterra propanediol uses 52% less energy than the standard petroleum based materials used by the global footwear industry, and 32% less greenhouse gas emissions.



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Transparent supply chains,
minimising footprint.


In a materially driven world, people are increasingly disconnected from the people who design and make the stuff we buy.

We have been working with MODE Tracker since 2015, an organisation that helps brands reach their sustainability goals through a holistic and transparent tracking tool that measures the entire supply chain.


To us, being ethical is about doing the right thing. Respecting laws and regulations wherever we operate, but also striving to make change if we do not believe they respect basic human, ethical rights. We want to encourage social dialogue and consequently collaborate with international organisations such as the International Labour Organisation (ILO), the Ethical Trading Initiative (ETI) and Better Work Global / Cambodia.

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