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  1. Scott III Mens
    Scott III Mens
    The robust, everyday barefoot work boot
    As low as $349.95
  2. Primus Knit Lux II Mens
    Primus Knit Lux II Mens
    The natural knit sneaker made with merino wool and wild hide leather
    As low as $299.95
  3. Geo Court II Mens
    Geo Court II Mens
    The reinvented minimalist sneaker, for feet first style
    As low as $289.95
  4. Ra II Mens
    Ra II Mens

    Barefoot minimalist Oxford lace-up.

    As low as $269.95
  5. Gobi II Mens
    Gobi II Mens
    Our original minimalist desert boot.
    As low as $279.95