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  1. Primus School II Juniors
    [PRE-ORDER] Primus School II Juniors
    Barefoot school footwear that keep feet and brains moving
    As low as $159.95
  2. Primus School Kids OW5
    Primus School Kids
    The most barefoot school shoes in the market for growing learners.
    As low as $104.95
  3. Fulham II Kids
    Fulham II Kids

    All-season splash-proof bootie

    As low as $159.95
  4. Wyn School II Juniors
    [PRE-ORDER] Wyn School II Juniors
    The Mary Jane-style school footwear, in barefoot
    As low as $159.95
  5. Primus School II Kids
    [PRE-ORDER] Primus School II Kids
    Barefoot school footwear that keep sensory messages whizzing to growing brains
    As low as $139.95
  6. Primus Trail II FG Kids
    Primus Trail II FG Kids
    Mini-me trail shoe for tough, rugged terrains.
    As low as $119.95
  7. Primus Trail II FG Juniors
    Primus Trail II FG Juniors
    Tough-wearing, rough terrain trail trainer
    As low as $129.95
  8. Primus Sport II Kids
    Primus Sport II Kids
    Ultra-lightweight, everyday pull on
    As low as $119.95
  9. Primus Sport II Juniors
    Primus Sport II Juniors
    Sneakers for the ones who don't just follow the crowd
    As low as $149.95
  10. Wyn Junior
    Wyn Junior
    From tradition to barefoot feel for little feet!
    As low as $159.95