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Darryl has been wearing our shoes since finding a love for running in 2008.


I've always felt a subconscious primal attraction to the outdoors, nature and movement. After University aged 21 I started chasing winter as a Professional Freeride Skier, traveling the world and spending over 250 days per year in the mountains. Aged 26 I worked my last ski season and started education to be a Commercial Pilot. Whilst I enjoyed learning, I found the classroom environment suffocating and inactivity unbearable. That's when I discovered trail running!

I always feel refreshed, calm and connected from spending time outdoors, whatever the conditions. Not only do I get stimulated by sunlight, but I also appreciate breaking away from the comfort of daily life when it's dark, cold, rainy and/or windy, and a personal favorite is running in the snow. It's through these extremes that I can expand my mind to try and optimize my own capabilities. When it's time to knuckle down and get on with work it's much easier to focus!

My full-time career as a Pilot and Simulator Instructor for Norwegian Airlines allows me to work hard and play hard, and for this I need to take care of my feet. When at work I use the Scott. At home I am mostly barefoot or in the Ultra 3 for playing around outdoors. I have recently started running in the Eclipse sandal which is liberating, and I would recommend it to anyone who likes the freedom of running barefoot but wants some protection from stones etc. But if I had to choose my favorite shoe it would be the Primal Trail SG because it is light, well fitting, has great grip and performs outstandingly in the toughest conditions!’

What is your top tip for anyone looking to transition to barefoot?

 ‘Live barefoot at every opportunity. Start by taking off your shoes at home. Then progress to spending time outdoors, either in barefoot shoes or completely unshod. When you feel ready to start running, do your homework on technique and then find a coach to get it dialed in. Take it slow and let your body adapt. This can take time!’


Walk before you run

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