The Big De Clutter


5 steps towards minimal living


This week, we challenge you to declutter your life by following these 5 steps towards minimal living. It's a great chance to find a new home for your unused clobber, and to really start appreciating your prized posessions. We're convinced that by the end of the week, you'll be enjoying your new found space - be it under your bed or at the back of your mind!


1. The Digital Yard Sale




Cameras, consoles, phones and fashion….everyone has pile of yesteryears technology! Dig them out and say goodbye. finding yesteryears technology a usful new home by selling it on Ebay, Gumtree.

Set a target for what you’ll do with your re-surfaced riches. Outside of ‘necessary’ purchases, a great rule of thumb for enjoying excess cash is to invest in ‘skills and experiences’ – i.e. not more ‘stuff’!


2. The Big Giveaway




Most of us have too much unnecessary ‘stuff’ to feasibly sell it all. So, once your de-clutter is in full steam, bag-up what you think may be of use to someone else and donate it to a charitable cause.

There are some awesome initiatives out there – in London, Traid.co.uk offers free home-collection ( > click here ) ! Gumtree & Freecycle are also great.


3. Make do and Mend It




Refreshing a much-loved possession can be immensely satisfying. This week, write a list of items that could do with a bit of TLC and give them that new lease of life.

Get the radio on, pick a sunny spot in the garden and find enjoyment in the task… whether you’re sewing those buttons back on, polishing those shoes, stitching up that hole or re-wiring that lamp.

> Click here for how to (properly!) sew a button

> Click here for how to rewire a lamp

> Click here for how to repair a hole in your favourite sweater


4. 24 hours of Accumulation Abstinence




Now that you’re in the swing of stripping back what you really need, why not try going 24-hours without spending any money.

It’ll take a little preparation, but the sense of liberation is worth it. Be sure to pack a lunchbox, plot a cycle route to work and pocket a tea bag. Plan an afternoon at the park, or peruse a book in the garden – time for yourself is priceless.


5. The Big Debrief



Talk to a friend about your newly de-cluttered life – conversation is an opportunity to inspire and be inspired. What’s more, when we talk about our experiences to our pals, it helps us clarify them in our own minds.

A week of de-cluttering is an awesome start, but it’s easy to lose momentum. Sharing your experiences with those around you will both share the love and help build a framework for keeping it up.


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