The Primus Swimrun Boot SG


The ÖTILLÖ X VIVOBAREFOOT collaboration continues.


The Primus Swimrun Boot SG is the latest high-performance barefoot design perfected for athletes with amphibious tendencies.

The Swimrun collection was developed in collaboration with ÖtillÖ, founders of the Swimrun World Championship. This is a shoe for non-stop transition between wet and dry – also a great option for OCR or an extra-sloppy trail run.


Building on the success of the Primus Trail Swimrun (Launched in 2017), the Swimrun Boot raises the bar with an over-ankle neoprene collar – streamlining the foot as you cut through the water and keeping silt and debris out of the shoe for long-distance comfort, all whilst maintaining full ankle mobility.




This new Soft Ground alternative is geared specifically for racers navigating loose and muddy terrains. The outsole continues to be made with our signature extra-sticky compound - ideal for adding grip over wet rock - whilst we’ve ramped up the power with high-profile lugs for superior traction. Even better, the signature ÖtillÖ orange gives visibility to your adventurous comrades in the murkiest water.



(Left = Primus Trail Swimrun with Firm Ground sole featuring low-profile lugs. Right= Swimrun Boot with Soft Ground sole featuring singature high-profile, chevron lugs.)


This is a shoe designed to take you from full submersion to off-road running without weighing you down. It’s cleverly constructed with quick-drain zones that help to pump out excess water with every step, paired with water-repellent mesh to assure minimal water weight.



To top it all off, this innovative design features a sustainable edge. Every pair incorporates approx. 17 recycled plastic bottles to create a breathable mesh, preventing them from languishing in landfill or infiltrating marine eco systems.





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