Officially launching last month at the Consumer Electrics Show (CES) in Las Vegas, we’ve developed a shoe entwined with the thinnest pressure sensors modern technology has to offer, allowing immediate on-screen visuals of underfoot sensory data with extreme precision.


For the first time, wearers are able to detect underfoot forces such as impact score, landing and contact time metrics whilst on the move, giving an unparalleled window into natural movement and allowing you to see exactly you engage with the ground.


Seasoned natural movers will know that VIVOBAREFOOT don’t do gimmicks. We’re firm believers that the body has all the shock absorbing and motion control technology you’ll ever need (just ask any animal). Shoes were invented to protect from cuts and the cold, that’s it. So that’s all we aim to give. Thin, wide and flexible shoes that let people move naturally. Without interference, we make way for skilful, sensory enriched movement that lets us avoid injury and pain… letting the feet do their natural thing.


Returning to healthy barefoot movement will be more effective than ever, with personalised step-by-step transition and training plans guided by precise sensory technology.

This pivotal shoe will deliver real-time audio and visual feedback via both a mobile app and web dashboard. The system monitors speed, pace, cadence, GPS track, foot landing technique, ground time, impact score and, eventually, asymmetry and toe engagement - all key metrics for guiding natural, healthy walking and running technique and inevitably reducing the risk of pain and injury. 


“Our new connected smart shoe will play a pivotal role in educating people about natural movement.” said Galahad Clark, VIVOBAREFOOT founder and MD. “Through our partnership with Sensoria, we’re able to show people exactly what’s going on underfoot, letting them see the benefits of natural barefoot movement and offering real-time transition advice".


Headquartered in Redmond, WA, Sensoria Inc. is a leading developer of IoMe (Internet of Me) wearables and artificial intelligence software solutions that improve people's lives. Sensoria Core microelectronics and cloud system converts data into actionable information for health and fitness users in real-time.


“With the new VIVOBAREFOOT Smart Shoe, natural runners are empowered with real-time feedback to help them run faster, farther and healthier,” said CEO and co-founder Davide Vigano. “Sensoria’s proprietary sensors, microelectronics and the new Sensoria Run 2.0 app make it easy for runners to identify bad habits and correct them, helping to improve running form and minimize the risk of injuries.”


This is a shoe revolution powered by the smartest foot-shaped technology available, that might just prove that you have been standing on the truth all along. Your feet!


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Receive exclusive updates on promotions, news and product launches