Podcast: In conversation with VIVO founder Galahad Clark


“Our job is to empower as many people as possible with ownership of their body”


VIVO founder Galahad Clark was recently invited to be interviewed by natural movement experts MoveU.


MoveU 's share a series of *life-changing* exercises for addressing the root cause of pain and imbalances - if you haven't already, check them out on Facebook and Instagram for free tutorials ready to improve healthy movement, strength and flexibility from the ground upwards.


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We'd highly recommend tuning into the whole podcast, but just in case, here are our favourite take-away points...


1. Foot rehab is open to all, and it’s worth it.

This is something that everyone can see the benefits from – if you’ve experienced plantar fasciitis, bunions etc. what you need is the motivation to move better, and focus on fixing the problem, rather than dealing with the symptoms.


2. Adding things for comfort is a quick fix…but it comes with a long-term consequence.  

What you lose when it comes to your feet is the strength and flexibility required for natural, healthy movement. 

Foot health, pain, injury, strength – it all starts with the first step when you get out of bed in the morning, all the way until you lie down at night. When you wear cushioned shoes, you’re not connected, and your body isn’t moving the way it usually would.


3. Look at what you spend 90% of your time wearing.

I.e. your everyday shoe. This is more important than what you exercise in, or what you dress up in for a special occasion. It’s the shoes your feet experience the most that are going to have the biggest effect.

We gravitate towards comfort, but it’s at the cost of building and maintaining these vital physical components. If you don’t USE your muscles, tendons and ligaments… they are NOT going to stay strong.  Every step of the day contributes to this.


4. if you want a healthy happy body (Not just feet.. but everything!). It’s gonna take a little work.

There are no quick fixes or silver bullets if your feet are weak and inflexible, but the key thing is walk before you can run. Take it slowly, understand where you are at and what challenges your particular body type is taking on as part of this journey. Work through the milestones that are personal to you. Let gravity take its cause, walk around barefoot as much as possible... and you are going to see improvements.

An everyday barefoot shoe is a fantastic place to start. Rejuvinate your foot health as you go about your daily business... little and often is the key to long-term results and minimal chance of injury.


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