Explore with the Namib Desert Boot





This versatile boot was built to withstand the Namibian Desert, developed in collaboration with some of the World's best austere environment instructors and ready to unleash the limits of your urban environment.

We wanted to create a high-performance shoe ready to explore from the inner city and beyond, with desert-proof credentials and unrestrained barefoot freedom, capable of venturing off the beaten track and back again.



First things first, we needed an expert on side to guide our design journey, and expert Stuart  was the man for the job. A professional expedition leader who has made bush craft his life's work was introduced to us by VIVOBAREFOOT Ambassador and fellow wilderness expert, Ben McNutt. Together we've worked to ensure that every detail of the Namib is highly functional. Stuart is a WGA (Wilderness Guides Association) level 3 in Tropical, Boreal Arctic (Sub Arctic Forest) and desert. Very few people in the world make the cut on all 3, so if anyone could help us create a high-performance boot, it was him. This collaboration marks the start of a line of exciting barefoot-adventure products to come (watch this space!).


For the Namib, we've used the toughest, most breathable leather we could get our hands on, with higher tensile strength than standard leather. Sourced from free-roaming animals, it's naturally scarred and weathered as a reflection of a life explored without fences.


The boot's collar is lined with lightly-padded calf skin to assure optimum comfort through action-packed days of discovery, whilst the removable nylon ankle strap and heavy-duty laces keep sand and nasties out.





We're firm believers that the human foot is a perfect design in an imperfect world.

Action-packed with all the in-built shock absorption and sensory technology you need, in a perfect world we'd all go 100% barefoot all the time. However, you've probably noticed that the risk of cuts and cold (and conventional etiquette!) means that many modern journeys call for a little added protection.



That's why we endeavour to give you 'the least shoe possible'. Minimal interference with natural movement and maximum sensory feedback… just an ultra-thin puncture-resistant sole with extra grip.

The Namib boot is no exception. Entwined with its heavy-duty credentials are all the principles of a minimal shoe. The naturally-wide toe box ensures plenty of space for your toes to splay, leaving them free to absorb the impact of each step and create a sturdy foundation for healthy movement.



The extra-sticky, hex-flex sole is hyper flexible and minimally thin, giving you underfoot traction whilst maximising connection to the ground. The aim is to optimise sensory feedback, helping your brain to make informed, skilful movement decisions whilst protecting you from cuts and the cold.

This boot is designed to let your foot behave just as it would if you were barefoot, with the bare-necessities of protection from injury and the elements.

Tested in nature, perfected for your feet.





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Receive exclusive updates on promotions, news and product launches