Gobi II Swimrun Mens

Gobi II Swimrun Mens - Black/Orange

Gobi II Swimrun is the original barefoot desert boot, part of our OTILLO Swimrun collection "Train - Race - Rest". Made with vegan Eco Canvas, Gobi II is light, durable and ready for every adventure.

We're confident that after experiencing the joys of natural foot freedom, your feet won't want to go back to 'normal' shoes.

So confident, we've introduced a 100 day trial to all orders. If you change your mind within that period, we're happy for you to return your shoes for a full refund with no hassle.

Your trial will commence automatically from the date your order arrives. Simply check out with your shoes as usual and we'll take care of the rest. (Standard Ts and Cs apply).



  • Elastic lace and toggle – for quick and easy adjustment
  • Weather tight canvas – to keep your feet dry and warm
  • Thermal insole
  • TPU sole – our thinnest city sole with the best durability


10 Reviews

Great product

the shoes are so phenomenal. Soft, comfortable, like slippers. I bought my husband for a gift. Since it was still a few days before his birthday, I bound his eyes, put shoes on his legs and asked him if they were right. I was only interested in size. But because they were so comfortable, he wanted them the next day for work, he said that the gift - shoes would be taken early. :)

Uglier than I thought, less comfortable too

I was advised to take a larger size, and that was a good idea.


Firstly: they are way uglier than I thought they were in the pictures. I'd tried the leather Gobi in a brussels store, and had already noticed that from most angles (that aren't the angles in the professional pictures on the website), the toe box looks VERY goofy. Depending on the nationality of my friends, they were either very straightforward about it (Dutch) or not so straightforward (Irish, Belgian, French, etc), but all of them thought it was a really ugly shoe.

Secondly: the Cheetos-orange sole is horrible. The leather Gobi look so much cooler in all black, so why does the vegan one have to be extra-goofy? I have been legitimately contemplating changing it out for a leather one because the all-black aesthetic is almost worth murdering a cow over. (Almost.)

I'm going to keep the shoes I think, because they are comfortable and I want a barefoot shoe, but there is another problem...

Thirdly, I got mean chafing and blistering from the shoe being too big and it having an unnecessarily harsh/sharp/stubborn part at the back of the shoe by the heel. There is a loop there which, where it is attached to the shoe, is very grating on the skin. I'd rather not have the loop (and the blisters), but whatever. It's also not the neatest look.


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