Introducing Eco Suede : Shoes made with plastic bottles

Surfer Photo Credit: Alison Teal 


Modern life can sometimes leave us feeling at odds with nature and our natural selves. 

 At Vivobarefoot one of our major eco inspirations is a book called Sustain-Ability by John Ehrenfeld.   In the book he says that the definition of sustainability is to make products that allow humans and other life on earth, to flourish.   And there are only 3 reasons to fill the world up with more ‘stuff’: 

  1. Products that make us feel more human
  1. Products that connect us to nature
  1. Products that help us ask important ethical and environmental questions.



We believe that Vivobarefoot fully meets these three criteria. Vivobarefoot not only connect us more directly with nature (by feeling the earth we walk on) and make us feel more human (by connecting our feet with our brains) but an environmentally sustainable approach to what we wear on our feet can further enhance the connection between modern living and elements of our nature that have been lost in the shuffle and help us ask important environmental questions.

The way we make our Eco Suede vegan shoes can help counter these environmental woes. A pair of Eco Suede shoes rescues 17 PET bottles from languishing in the landfill, and puts them to positive use.



Our Eco Suede shoes look to time tested traditions from North Africa and America for inspiration.

The simple RIF is a modern reimagining of a Moroccan sand dune running shoe that’s been around for 400 years. And the everyday women’s slip on ELINA meanwhile, is a vegan take inspired by original Native American moccasin.  

Indigenous cobbling is barefoot shoe making.  Barefoot shoe making is sustainable shoe making!






Feeling pro-active and want to help free our oceans, shorelines and landfills of plastic bottles? Why not sign the Surfers against Sewage petition calling for a deposit return system on all single-use drinks containers.


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