Team Envol take 2019 Swimrun by storm

The Swimrun season is in full flow. The Vivo team have attended over 10 races already with the best still to come.

ÖTILLÖ, the Swimrun World Championship is approaching.

Nicolas Remires, Fanny Danckwardt and a number of other Team Envol athletes will be competing for the World Championship Crown again.

It’s been quite a year for Team Envol have had podiums at every race this season, with their women teams taking multiple gold medals! All of the team have been enjoying that barefoot feel on the trails of UtÖ, Isle of Scilly and more.

If you are considering taking part in Swimrun take a look at Vivobarefoot Ambassador, former elite swimmer and two-time 2nd place ÖTILLÖ Championship Swimrunner Fanny Danckwardt-Lillieström shares her Swimrun story and why moving to barefoot was so important to her.


There is still half the season to go. You can catch Team Envol and the Vivobarefoot team in action at the following events. Sign up and join us through the links below:

USA Swimrun Casco bay: 11th August (https://www.odysseyswimrun.com)

USA Swimrun Les Cheneaux: 8th September (https://www.odysseyswimrun.com)

Ignite Rhose Island Swimrun USA: 14th September (https://www.igniteswimrun.com/races)

Ignite Swimrun USA Final: 19th October (https://www.igniteswimrun.com/races)

USA Swimrun Orca Island: 22nd September (https://www.odysseyswimrun.com)

ÖTILLÖ Swimrun 1000 Lakes: 21ST – 22nd September (https://otilloswimrun.com/races)

ÖTILLÖ Swimrun Cannes: 18th-19th October (https://otilloswimrun.com/races)

North Carolina Swimrun USA: 27th October (https://swimrunnc.com)

ÖTILLÖ Swimrun Malta: 23rd-24th November (https://otilloswimrun.com/races)

If you need a pair of shoes to take part in check out the Primus Swimrun, designed for endurance over land and sea. Using recycled plastic bottles to create a quick-draining mesh that minimises water-weight. The lightweight construction is paired with low-profile lugs for off-road traction and a neoprene ankle collar to keep out grit, ready for amphibious adventures. 


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Receive exclusive updates on promotions, news and product launches