a partnership to extend the life and love of your shoes

handcut repair service

In order to realise our dream of a shoe which will last a lifetime, we would much rather breathe new life into your Handcut shoes then see them recycled. With the expertise of Tony, who’s Heel Bar has decades of experience, we are fortunate enough to offer beautiful Handcut shoe repairing and resoling.


We take pride in the quality and craftsmanship of our shoes, even after the initial purchase. We envision a service where customers can return their shoes and have the soles replaced, the uppers polished and new laces fitted as standard, where we can guarantee a customer a shoe for a lifetime and where we can obtain a customer for a lifetime.


To transform your Hand Cut shoes to their former glory, we will re-sole them, with appropriate Blake or Stichdown methods, using original outsoles from our Portugal Factory. We’ll fit new laces, polish and re-finish them, and send them back to you looking almost like new.

  • £65 including return postage within the UK.
  • Additional £15 delivery fee for EU customers.
  • All payments are made to Vivobarefoot. Payments cannot be made online.


  1. Visit the VIVOBAREFOOT Experience Store in London's Covent Garden with your shoes and original receipt.  The store will take payment and send your shoes away for repair. 
  2. Send your shoes to the store and we'll take care of everything else. Please call +44 (0) 20 7379 5959 to arrange a repair and make payment.

Repairs will take approximately 3 weeks and are only available on Handcut Shoes.