Let Kids Colour Their World!

Find out what colours help make you happy, creative, and even more productive!


We’re surrounded by colours all day - sometimes it feels like we’re being blasted by them - but in our increasingly indoor, sedentary and urban lives, colour really matters.


There’s a wealth of research based on the concept of BIOPHILIA – that is, our innate, human connection to the natural world – which shows how important certain colours are to our productivity, creativity and happiness.


And so it’s no surprise that the colours we thrive on are those found in nature when its not under threat: blues, greens, yellows. The colours of bountiful nature, clean water, nutrient-rich vegetation, fruits and flowers.




A 2011 report from the University of Munich found that even a tiny glimpse of green before completing a creativity task enhanced creative performance. Other studies have shown how these innate preferences and influences have adapted for culture too: for example, the colour purple is predictive of employee happiness in Canada, while in China its brown. Regardless of where you’re from though: too much gray in the workplace is related to higher levels of stress and unhappiness.


And it’s not just the colours of the ‘things’ around us that matters: being able to see nature, the horizon, even green plants, natural light and water all add to our sense of calm and well-being.


And just like grown-ups spend too much time stuffed into gray offices in front of screens, our kids often don’t fare too much better at school.


At VivoKids we want to inject colour excitement into their world!


And we don’t do colours for boys and others for girls: we create a wide variety of awesome colours on our barely-there, sustainable shoes for all kids, in all colours.


So let your kids run wild and free – in any colour they choose!




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Receive exclusive updates on promotions, news and product launches