26 bones, 33 articulations, over 20+ muscles with 10 of them being in the arch. THE HUMAN FOOT IS A BIOMECHANICAL MASTERPIECE.

Honed through the most sophisticated and long-term R&D process known to human kind. Evolution.


Healthy natural movement starts with YOUR FEET.

Spending more time barefoot:
• Activates all the muscles in your feet, ankles, legs, hips, lower back and core, giving you more strength, better natural balance and coordination;
• Restores the strength in the foot’s muscles, tendons and ligaments that are lost from wearing padded, cushioned shoes.
• Allows your toes to spread and the foot to widen, becoming a stronger, more stable and grounded base to that supports all natural movements;
• Lowers the heels to its natural position to avoid the long-term harmful shortening of calf muscles, while creating a closer connection to the ground.


Removing cushioning from over-designed “normal” shoes heightens sensory feedback and improves proprioception. Allowing our brain to sense the ground beneath our feet and the movement needed positions our body to respond in the most natural way.

No amount of shoe design can improve upon your bare foot.
And when you can’t go barefoot, go Vivobarefoot.

Leading biomechanics and scientists have shared the latest and ground-breaking research in the barefoot movement space.


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