SOA Kembo Mens

SOA Kembo Mens - Dark Brown
Dark Brown
SOA Kembo Mens - Tan

Kembo is a laidback moccasin shoe made from locally sourced Ethiopian suede. This lightweight, barefoot boot has a flexible minimalist sole and spacious toe box, which allows your feet to move naturally, from day to night.


A laidback moccasin made from locally sourced Ethiopian suede.



36 Reviews

Freedom for your feet

The SOA Kembo is a very comfortable and reliable shoe, that I am wearing almost all the time and looks amazing for a barefoot shoe.
I invested in a second pair, as my first one got worn out slightly after 2 years of great company, yet I only had to change the laces.

Lots of positives like the great ground feel have reduced with the updated model, as the insole cannot be removed anymore, which reduces the barefoot experience. The stitching on the top of the shoe is unfortunately not to well made, as it starts ripping open and loosening.

Overall an amazing model by vivo and yet some changes on the new one are not really an improvement unfortunately. I am still very happy with my pair and should they get worn out, I will definitely consider to get a new pair.

First purchase

Very happy with my purchase. Had some good correspondence with the Service Team @Vivo since I thought the parcel service had lost my shoes. To me the shoes were a bit darker on the colour compare to the website pictures but nothing harmful.

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