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Scott Mens - Black
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Dark Brown

The Scott is our most popular barefoot Men's Winter Boot. It is made with quality weather-proof canvas and waxed leather for all conditions. If you're a city stomper, a country explorer or a barefoot commuter, Scott keeps feet protected.


A popular Winter boot made with weather-proof canvas and waxed leather.



29 Reviews

people like my ahoes

People like my shoes. Got them wet the first time yesterday riding my OneWheel back home in the rain. They seem to be taking some time for me break them in. One of the threads along no the bottom sole broke,. I have had these for twice weeks, so I am going to take advantage of the 30 Guarantee. I don't know how well the rubber will hold up on this shoe over time. They are definitely lightwwight and comfortable.

Barefoot new to me

I am new to the "barefoot" experience. Takes a bit of getting used to. I spend way to much time on hard surfaces during the day and these don't work for that. Need a bit of padding on these old feet.

In my walk through the parks and similar areas, I find that I really enjoy feeling the earth through the soles. Gives me a much better connection to where and how I am walking.

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