Lisbon Mens

Lisbon Mens - Black

Lisbon is a formal mens dress shoe with polished black quality Sacheto calf leather lining and a hand-stitched sole. The leather foot of these shoes form to your feet for superior comfort and fit. This premium minimalist footwear is designed for you to go barefoot to your smartest events.


A dress shoe with polished black leather for your smartest events.


7 Reviews

The only formal barefoot shoe

Excellent handmade soft leather formal shoes.

Good product

The product is generally good. The size is a bit better than the equivalent in the Porto Rocker Low, but I still think the that the shoe is too voluminous (I need to tie them so tight that the wings touch, which creases the shoes even more), while if I add the insole (the Vivo insoles do not seem to be shaped well for handcut shoes...) the shoe becomes too small.
The rocker sole is good as it minimises damage to the heal section, but it should be dyed black to achieve a more formal look.
The leather is nice, but kneeling a couple times already had an effect on the toe section of the shoe - the Porto leather seems more resistant.

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