Aqua II Mens

Aqua II Mens - Black
Aqua II Mens - Dark Brown
Dark Brown

Aqua is a leather lace-up barefoot shoe for everyday wear, with a sports to casual crossover feel. Whether you are walking, running or exercising, this minimalist shoe will have your feet covered.


A leather lace-up shoe for everyday wear.


5 Reviews

Love 'em

Nice looking, and super comfortable. Hope these last a while

Great Shoes

This is my first pair of minimalist shoes. I've been wearing my Aqua's almost exclusively since they've arrived, for 2 weeks now. According to my iPhone, I've been walking on average 10,000 steps per day. My feet started out feeling sensitive and even some pain at first, but that seems to dwindle as the days go by. What I've also noticed is that my gait continues to adapt, which seems correlated to the pain I experienced in my earlier days of wear.

As for the shoes, so far, they're great. Even with the mesh, they don't look too athletic for the casual office environment. There's enough space for my toes to stretch. I find them comfortable. I am typically sized US 9.5, so I got a 10 here. I've got about 1/2-3/4 inch of free toe space. I'm wondering about durability, but think it's too early to comment. I'm just walking so far, so I don't anticipate many issues.

The only time I don't wear these shoes is when driving. This may be more of a comment on minimalist shoes in general, but I find that I must have a non-flexible and possibly thicker sole when driving. Also, based on how I drive, my toe box would probably get worn out a lot faster around the ball of my foot.

An unexpected benefits I've recently noticed is that the curve in my spine seems to naturally straighten out while walking. This is important for me as someone with a slipped disc. I haven't run minimalist shoes by my therapist, but all he's ever had me do is more core work. So, this is a nice improvement to quality of life. Minimalist shoes might be expensive, but it's cheaper than seeing the therapist. I'm also thinking it could save me from medical bills in the future.


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